FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)
Question 1: Why we use this Site?
Answer: This Site is help full in search,
a) Details of Barabanki District Lawyers (Advocates).
b) Record of Available Books in Bar Library of Lawyers, Books have several details like Author name , Publisher name , Book Edition ,Year of published.
c) List of Bar Officers from 2001 to till Now .
d) List of Ex-Members who’s memories are remain in between Us.
e) List of important websites related to common use.
f) List of Holidays

Question 2: How can download Registration form?
Answer: Click on “Registration form ” Link at right top corner of the site it will start download on your PC where your default download path is set.

Question 3:How Lawyers can use it?
Answer: Every Lawyer have there email id (if they don’t) they can check it in there detail page , email id will work as User Name and Password will be there Registration No. Click on “Login” menu at right top corner of the side and fill login detail for enter.

Question 4: How can Lawyers get Books?
Answer: Lawyers can check availability of Books online and tell to Issuer member of library , he will issue book with the issuing slip Signed by you and Stamped of Library.

Question 5: What will be the charge of Book ?
Answer: Rs 5 per day, if it will not be Returned then charge will increase and if book will loss then you have to pay amount of book and late fee too.

Question 6: whom Lawyers can concern ?
Answer: They can mail on president@dbabbk.org or gsecratory@dbabbk.org or librarian@dbabbk.org For other details. Or contact on there mobile no’s from the list menu of “Bar Member” in latest year.